Downhill mountain biking


At 7 Laux, mountain bikers will not tire of the slopes on the downhill mountain bike domain. A true pioneer in this field, 7 Laux station offers an impressive downhill terrain. Downhill fans, jump on your mountain bikes, to get to no less than 14 trails waiting just for you


Routes for all

Modules in the forest, natural passages in the forest, high turns, cross spaces, mini-cross, mini-shores, the mountain bike trails of 7 Laux offer a real bike park with many modules to test your agility.

And for everyone to find their happiness, the trails are classified in 4 different levels of difficulties, or even 5 with the Elite classification. Green, blue, red and black trails, everyone can have fun depending on their level of mountain biking mastery.

The green trail, for example, is ideal for an introduction to the descent and a course that we would like to do for the first time with the youngest. The most sophisticated find their happiness on other slopes with steeper slopes or more frequent obstacles.

Trail levels

Green trails: accessible to all, without any particular ability other than to know how to use your mountain bike.

Blue trails: this is a medium level already requiring a small level of mountain biking experience and know the basics of balance on a mountain bike

The red and black trails: these are moderately difficult to difficult trails. You already have to have a good experience over rugged terrain and its obstacles.

Although you’re here to descend, admire the scenery from the top of the Chamois chairlift (1,985 m) such as Lac de la Jasse located below the blue trail (1,861 m). 


Access to the slopes is from the Prapoutel site at 1,350 m. 


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