Télésièges piétons aux 7 Laux en été

Pedestrian chairlift

Getting to the top of your favorite slopes has never been easier in summer. Whether you want to reach the hiking trails, check out the mountain bike tracks or discover the lakes on foot, Les 7 Laux offers you the chance to climb by chairlift all summer long!


all the way up

From the foot of the station to the top, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the marvellous view. Whether you’re in Le Pleynet or Prapoutel, you’re treated to a verdant setting, with trees and sun-drenched rocks rolling past as you climb. It’s a wonderful appetizer before you reach the summit, which promises many more surprises.

Nothing is easier than climbing to the summit in just a few minutes in summer at Les 7 Laux.


the landscape

Once you’ve reached the top, you’re already full of wonder at the natural spectacle. The rest is only better! Whether you’re in Le Pleynet or Prapoutel, all you have to do is open your eyes and everything is right in front of you. For the more contemplative, you can enjoy exceptional panoramic views over the Grésivaudan Valley and neighbouring Chartreuse. And for the more adventurous, you can dip your hands (or feet, for that matter) in the nearby lakes, or simply revel in them.

Hungry for something to eat? If you’re feeling greedy, you can play the adventurer and pick some mountain blueberries, which will be a real treat at the end of the day.

Making beautiful


Yes, climbing to the top of the slopes also means being able to make wonderful discoveries, appreciate the majestic nature of the Belledonne, but also fill your day with memories. You’re sure to come across other families, couples and groups of friends with whom you can get to know and share stories of your superb day in Les 7 Laux. And as you stroll along, you’ll discover many beautiful hiking trails to explore. The icing on the cake is that climbing to higher altitudes also means meeting herds of animals grazing on fresh mountain grass.

Walk to the resort’s mountain bike trails, or unwind with a delicious meal in one of our high-altitude restaurants.

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