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Archery / Indian Camp

Playing Cowboys and Indians in the schoolyard is great, but doing it in the mountains is even better! Improvise yourself for a moment as the Robin Hood of the mountains and try to hit your target right in the center. Brandish the bow with friends, family or as a couple this summer at Les 7 Laux.

Prapoutel side

like an American Indian

Patience… before you can take a bow and arrow through the resort’s forests, you’ll need a bit of practice. What could be better than shooting at targets in a fun setting in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne? In collaboration with Arc et Flèches in Prapoutel, you’ll try to hit the 20 targets set out from 5 to 20 meters, using the right shooting technique, the right gesture and setting your sights efficiently.
Already experienced? Go further and hit the center of a Grizzly Bear or a 3D Deer 20 meters away. Can you do it?

An activity

for all

A return to childhood for some, an outdoor recreation for others, we’ve all played Indians and wanted to be the leader of the Tipi. Les 7 Laux plunges you into this magical atmosphere all summer long!
If you’ve got kids aged 4 to 7, give them an incredible experience by taking on Fort Apache! Don’t worry, the arrows don’t hurt and the risk of injury is non-existent. There’s no reason not to try archery at Les 7 Laux.


or internship

Can’t wait to try archery at Les 7 Laux this summer, but don’t know how? If you’re a beginner, then start with “discovery” sessions. You’ll learn the basics of archery and try to hit your first targets.
You’ve already tried archery, but there’s just one thing missing to make you a real Indian? Try a refresher course at Les 7 Laux this summer and become as skilled as you’ve ever been!
Would you like to blend in with nature and return to a few centuries ago? Try your hand at 3D animal targets!

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