Discover the 7 Laux lakes

A renowned ski area in the Massif de Belledonne, the 7 Laux resort is also renowned for its many hiking trails.

Lakes of exceptional color

Among the site’s highlights are the 7 Laux lakes, a magnificent hiking itinerary. A real nugget, the Tour des 7 Laux is a superb hike, albeit a difficult one reserved for experienced hikers.

A complete tour of the 7 lakes

Departing from Fond de France or Le Pleynet, this hike takes in numerous high-altitude lakes in the heart of the GR®738. You’ll need several days to complete it.

  • Lac Noir: Lac Noir is the first of the lakes to be reached on the Tour des 7 Lacs. It’s the smallest of the lakes, but allows you to reach the EDF chalet a little higher up, which offers a magnificent view of other lakes.
  • lac carré: situated on the edge of a dam, it takes 1h30 to walk around it to reach lac de la sagne and the 7 laux refuge (this 7 laux hike often takes several days).
  • Lac de la Motte: with its distinctive shape, this lake offers a marvellous view of the snow-capped peaks.
  • lac Cottepens: undoubtedly the largest of the 7 Laux lakes. It’s a very peaceful place.
  • Lac du Cos: this lake is located upstream from Lac Cottepens. It offers an unobstructed view of the Ilettes ridge and the Col de la Vache.
  • Lac Jeplan: a very flat lake, its beauty lies in the rocky bar that flows into it.
  • Lac de la Corne: set in a lush green valley with the massive Pic des Eustaches in the background. This lake offers a truly idyllic setting for a tour of the lakes.
  • Lac de la Sagne: one of the most beautiful summits on this tour of the Sept Laux lakes. On the shores of this lake, you can admire the Rissiou or the Grand Pic de Belledonne.

For hikers, the tour of the 7 Laux lakes is pure pleasure.

Each lake can also be hiked to discover a magical site.