Mountain bike schools

and guided outings

Are you spending your vacations in Les 7 Laux and want to master all the techniques of mountain biking? Why not take lessons with one of the instructors at the 7 Laux mountain bike school. Whether you’re looking for group or individual lessons, or equipment rental, the mountain bike school is waiting to help you discover new sensations on the slopes.

Downhill courses or mountain bike rides

Thanks to the experienced instructors at the 7 Laux mountain biking school, you can take part in individual or group introductory or advanced mountain biking lessons, and tackle the slopes and descents in complete safety.

Courses all year round

To help you master all the techniques involved, the mountain bike school offers courses all year round during the school vacations. Downhill mountain biking requires much more skill and technique than touring. By taking lessons at the MTB school, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the bike park and its modules and banked turns.

The different modules

To meet everyone’s needs, the instructors at the 7 Laux Mountain Bike School offer different levels of mountain biking.

  • For 6-9 year-olds: Biker 1 allows you to learn the basics of mountain biking, with the aim of perfecting your skills and getting to grips with increasingly technical terrain.
  • For 9-12 year-olds: Biker 2 focuses onperfecting and introducing more advanced downhill riding on rough terrain.
  • For teenagers and adults: biker 3 offers 3-hour downhill sessions with more advanced downhill techniques.

Ride your mountain bike or ATV-AE

The 7 Laux mountain bike school offers a wide range of rides accompanied by an experienced instructor. Discover the new routes on offer at the Bel’velec area in the various communes around Les 7 Laux, including Les Adrets, Theys and Hurtières.

And on the Pleynet slope, Jochen Bogghero will accompany you on your mountain bike rides and provide you with a wonderful experience...

Mountain biking near Chambéry

In Les 7 Laux, mountain biking is a real must, and attracts many downhill enthusiasts on two wheels every summer season! For your mountain biking outings, you can rent your own equipment or enjoy a mountain bike ride accompanied by a certified instructor. It’s an opportunity to benefit from the passion of those who take the resort to heart all year round!

Discover a wide range of mountain bike itineraries close to Chambéry and the Grenoble basin in Isère. Take to the trails in the undergrowth on your mountain bike and capture indelible memories. Les 7 Laux offers a wide range of mountain bike tours in Isère, in the Massif de Belledonne between Chambéry and Grenoble. Cycling or downhill mountain biking has never been easier, and is accessible to all levels.

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