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Downhill mountain biking

In winter, the slopes are a delight for skiers and snowboarders alike, but in summer they are a magnet for downhill mountain bikers, transforming themselves into a field of endless possibilities. Giving rise to numerous itineraries and courses of varying levels, the slopes of Les 7 Laux become a veritable Bike Park.

At Les 7 Laux, downhill mountain biking is king. Fans of free-riding will love the 7 Laux bike park, which is full and strong, with itineraries that are quite varied and sometimes even very demanding. This bike park, which has attracted so much interest in the Grenoble region, is accessible to all and offers a wide range of modules.

A real


Prapoutel is the ideal starting point for downhill mountain biking.

Here, some 15 trails await you: 3 green, 3 blue, 5 red, 4 black and 1 elite black. It’s mainly in the higher elevations that you’ll find the more technical, stony sections. After that, the slopes are much gentler.

Then come the footbridges and modules that enhance these downhill courses and often penetrate the forest.

For beginners, the modules at the bottom of Prapoutel and the banked bends should suffice at first.

The difficulty levels of mountain bike trails depend on both the topographical layout (slope, nature of the terrain) and the obstacles to be overcome (jumps, breaks). There are 5 levels of difficulty:

  • green trails, very easy and corresponding to an initiation level: initiation and Or’Anjina
  • easy blue runs, such as La Jasse or Bel Dina
  • difficult red runs, such as Piste de la Crète, Cortillets, Marron, Hard’Oisière and Mini Shores
  • black runs, very difficult runs such as Bloody Roots, Psycho Pat and Chèvre Shores.
  • The elite trail for experienced mountain bikers: the Absinthe trail.

A landscaped area

Not only does the bike park offer a magnificent panorama, it’s also a fully equipped area for mountain biking. There are footbridges, dirt bumps and banked turns. Experts and beginners alike will find plenty to enjoy, with northshore lines graded from green to black.

The modules, meanwhile, are diverse and varied, with set ups and downs, a wall ride and a road gap. Each descent has its own level of technicality, with rather steep starts requiring good control before easing off and giving way to footbridges, wall rides and transfers to let off the brakes a little.

Mountain biking in Isère

Guided mountain bike tours

Summer is also a great time for mountain biking on groomed trails and wide open spaces. Mountain bike tours to Les 7 Laux, in the heart of Isère, can be accompanied by an instructor from one of our mountain bike schools. These rides give you the opportunity to take an expert look at the resort, to know every detail of your route and, above all, to discover unusual places.

Our mountain bike tours offer you a true moment of escape, with breathtaking views of the Chartreuse, the Grésivaudan Valley in Isère, and the surrounding massifs. Wonderful sensations on a classic mountain bike or on a VAE for a more unusual experience. Electric bike touring is even easier and lets you pedal faster and further. So prolong the pleasure of your bike rides in our Isère resort, all summer long.


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