Downhill mountain biking

Prapoutel / Les 7 Laux

At Les 7 Laux, mountain bikers will never tire of the downhill trails. A true pioneer in the field, Les 7 Laux offers some of the most impressive downhill terrain in the world. Downhill fans, get on your mountain bikes: no fewer than 14 trails await you.


Tracks for everyone

Wooden modules, natural passages in the forest, banked turns, cross-country areas, mini-cross, mini-shores: the 7 Laux downhill mountain bike trails offer a real bike park with numerous modules to test your agility.

And to make sure there’s something for everyone, the trails are classified into 4 different levels of difficulty, and even 5 with the Elite classification. With green, blue, red and black trails, there’s something for everyone, depending on their level of mountain bike expertise.

The green trail, for example, is ideal for an introduction to downhill biking, and a course you’d like to try out for the first time with younger riders. More advanced riders will enjoy the other trails, with their steeper slopes and more frequent obstacles.

Trail levels

Green trails: accessible to all, with no special skills other than knowing how to use your mountain bike.

Blue trails: medium-level trails requiring some mountain-biking experience and a basic knowledge of how to balance on a mountain bike.

Red and black trails: these are moderately difficult to difficult trails. You need to be familiar with hilly terrain and its obstacles.

Although you’re here to go downhill, admire the scenery from the top of the Chamois chairlift (1985 m) as well as Lac de la Jasse on the blue run below (1861 m).

Access to the slopes is from the Prapoutel site at 1350 m.

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