Accrobranche en été aux 7 Laux

Tree climbing

aux 7 Laux

The magic of moving from tree to tree, the pleasure of seeing your progress step by step, from obstacle to obstacle, guided by your adventurous instincts. That’s the secret of accrobranche at Les 7 Laux in summer. It’s the perfect way to get up high and take in the sights!

Prapoutel and Pleynet sides

our adventure parks

aux 7 Laux

Climbing at Les 7 Laux means having a great time with family, friends or colleagues! Does your child want to discover the pleasures of accrobranche and isn’t afraid of heights? The introductory yellow course is the perfect way to take your child’s first steps in the trees. Well-equipped by professional instructors, everything is in place for safe fun! Are you comfortable in the trees and know that trees are your friends? The green and blue courses look perfect, with 40-metre zip lines, before you pluck up your courage on the red course!

The adventure course at Prapoutel plunges you into a totally immersive experience, perched in the trees.

The adventure park at Le Pleynet promises guaranteed thrills from tree to tree, for young and old alike. Come and discover our accrobranche park with your family or friends, and enjoy the exceptional view!

Explore the trees

In complete safety!

Play the tarzan and tame the forest to your heart’s content! With your harness on, karabiners securely fastened and safety instructions well recorded, you’re ready to climb trees in complete safety. Here you are, on the course you’ve chosen according to your level, with numerous obstacles ready to throw you off balance. Fortunately, your courage and adrenaline will have you dressed as an adventurer, ready to face anything and anyone! accrobranche at Les 7 Laux is all about surpassing yourself while having fun.

Live an experience

by day

like night

The Belledonne Outdoor course is a source of total immersion, giving you an extraordinary experience both day and night. When the day is in full swing, you can visualize the space, spot the faults in the course and increase your ability to adapt tenfold. At night, it’s a different story… The light dims, and so does your field of vision. Your headlamp becomes your eyes, and your legs guide you in small steps. Two evenings a week, the adventure continues until 10pm at night, to prolong the pleasure.

With your head full of memories, you (re)touch down, with the desire to climb again!

Why is that cool?
Playing theadventurers
Having funbetweenfriends, family or couple
Livingan experienceimmersive

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