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VAE with the family this summer

Ideal for covering long distances through superb natural landscapes, electrically-assisted bicycle (EAB) rides are becoming increasingly popular with families, especially in summer! Fresh air, escape, sport and smiles – on paper it sounds like the perfect cocktail, but how much do you really know about this activity? Les 7 Laux gives you the lowdown on this unusual discovery that’s sure to appeal to young and old alike.


What is it?

Widely referred to as an electric bicycle, the VAE (Vélo à assistance électrique) is a bicycle fitted with an electric assistance system. Different from the “classic” electric bike, the VAE is equipped with an intelligent motor, which determines whether the bike starts or stops by pedaling. This assisted pedaling differs from the usual standards, where even when you stop pedaling, the bike continues to move forward. It’s a reassuring safety feature that lets you pace your ride or mountain outing to your heart’s content. After all, these ecological and futuristic technologies have been winning the hearts of mountain lovers for some years now (including our own). Families love their practicality, ease of movement and “go-anywhere” nature. Designed with motors created for hiking, these technological gems now feature high torque and pedaling cadences adapted to each cyclist’s pace.

As you can see, mountain bikes are a must-have at a time when people are looking for new and unusual experiences to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple.


fun and discovery

Many of you may feel discouraged by the idea of cycling for hours on end, especially in the mountains, where the gradients are considerable. In summer, the heat adds to the fatigue, and your ride, supposed to be a shared pleasure, quickly becomes unpleasant. It’s enough to put you off the mountains for ever. With an electrically-assisted bike, it’s just the opposite! Its motor becomes your best ally for surveying the paths and roads among the fir trees of the Massif de Belledonne, whether you’re in Prapoutel or Le Pleynet.

Significant VAE advantages

Thanks to the assistance system, you don’t have to concentrate on the effort, you’re free to plunge into the heart of a setting worthy of the most beautiful paintings. A real pleasure for families with children. Climbs that used to be insurmountable for the less experienced now seem like child’s play on a VAE! As for the descents, they’re an opportunity to let your hair down (while remaining cautious, of course) and become one with the 7 Laux’s dirt roads. What’s more, in addition to easing up on the initially more difficult sections, the electric-assist bike will enable you to enjoy long rides in the heart of the mountains. Indeed, with a “normal” bike, your ride wouldn’t last as long, and you’d feel like you hadn’t enjoyed yourself. With an electric mountain bike, set off for a whole morning or a sunny afternoon, and fill up on great memories to share with the whole family. A real treasure on two wheels.

Family outings synonymous with fun, symbols of family and fun activities to discover all summer long in the mountains!

An activity


in the heart of nature

Having fun on your electric bike is great, but doing it in an exceptional setting like Les 7 Laux is even better! Take in the magical view as you ride along, admiring the surrounding greenery caressed by the summer sun. Immersed in the heart of the forest and the vast green expanses of the Massif de belledonne, you’ll appreciate the unusual and natural discoveries all the more. In fact, you may come across a few local characters: ibexes, cows and other mountain animals that we love to capture in our eyes or immortalize in our cameras. Time seems to stand still on a VAE ride, giving way to continuous admiration. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ll pause several times to contemplate the scenery, take a nice family photo or simply regain your strength before setting off again (even if the effort is transformed into pleasure here).

Needless to say, in midsummer, when the sun is at its zenith and the heat is making itself felt, your bike ride will sound like a breath of fresh air. You’ll be caressed by the rhythm of the meters swallowed under your wheels, and you’ll spend a pleasant moment with a smile on your face. An unforgettable experience all summer long at Les 7 Laux!

Your family outing

in the mountains

If you’ve read the previous few lines, you’ll understand that electric-assist cycling is the activity with a capital L to enjoy with your family this summer at Les 7 Laux. If you’re already familiar with this fun activity, you’ll be able to rediscover the pleasure of exploring mountain trails and reawaken the sensations that lie dormant inside you. Are you a beginner? Take this opportunity to look at bike touring in a different light, and add the word “fun” to the mix. Suitable for children and adults alike, electric-assist bicycles will undoubtedly be one of the top activities for families this summer!

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