Disc Golf

Prapoutel / Les 7 Laux

Disc golf combines agility and a challenging course, and will appeal to anyone looking for a new experience in Prapoutel. This activity, offered by Les 7 Laux, is perfect for anyone who wants to get out and about and enjoy the challenge and competition of golf.


An agility course

From a given starting point, you have to follow a visual course with an agility test. The aim is to land a disc in a basket in as few strokes as possible.

At the end of the course, points are scored according to agility:

– 1 point for 1 target reached in 2 shots

– 0 point for 1 target reached in 3 shots

– minus 1 point for 1 target reached in 4 shots

A course in nature

Accessible to all, disc golf is the perfect way to spend some relaxing family time!

There’s no set search order. So you’re free to go wherever you like, as long as you go through all the baskets that make up the course.

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