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For Canadians, it’s a well-known discipline and a national sport, but at Les 7 Laux, axe-throwing remains a great and unusual activity to discover in summer. Others will prefer to test their skills with another unusual activity: crossbow shooting.

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Activities that require skill and relaxation

You don’t have to be a big arm to throw an axe, it’s all a question of release and skill. You need a supple, relaxed gesture and a good calculation of the rotation. Power is not a factor. Successful axe throwing is all about skill.

While for Canadians it may seem a discipline and a national sport, here in the 7 Laux resort, axe-throwing remains a beautiful and unusual activity to discover in summer. Of course, we’re not talking about axe-throwing without technical advice, but rather an activity supervised by an instructor. Not just anyone can be a lumberjack.

Youngsters can also get into Ninja mode by learning to throw Shurikens like Naruto in the mangas!

Shooting a crossbow requires good posture, a good grip and stability. Crossbow aiming is instinctive. All your attention must be focused on the target, your body relaxed, listening to your sensations. If you can find your inner harmony, your shot will be accurate.

Biathlon shooting

If you’d like to try your hand at rifle shooting, but you’re afraid to, don’t worry, we’ve got the solution: Biathlon shooting with laser rifles. The targets light up when you hit them! Totally safe shooting, no projectiles, no noise, no waste. 100% environmentally friendly.

Escape for a day, let go and concentrate solely on hitting the target. Here, refocusing and concentrating are absolutely essential. There’s no room for tension or irritation.


a ninja!

This summer at Les 7 Laux, slip into the skin of a Ninja with the shuriken throwing activity! These palm-sized knives are waiting for you to land right in the middle of the targets. Whether you’re a seasoned shuriken thrower or a complete beginner, shuriken throwing is for everyone, and there’s no set level required! Accompanied by a professional, this safe and unusual activity plunges you into a world reminiscent of good cartoons, all set in the verdant surroundings of the Massif de Belledonne.

It’s the ideal activity for children, and one that’s sure to delight parents too!

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