The Bike'Arc Trail Center

Beldina Natural Area

At Les 7 Laux, mountain biking is king! Enthusiasts will love the Bike’Arc Trail Center at Les 7 Laux, with its full range of fun activities.

Prapoutel side
A real


If you want to have fun at the Bike’Arc Trail Center in Les 7 Laux, the Prapoutel site is the place to be.

If you’d like to take advantage of a complete and specific mountain bike product, including trails designed to offer maximum pleasure and sensations when riding your mountain bike, as well as fun learning zones, come to the Bike’Arc Trail Center des 7 Laux!

An area specially designed for mountain biking pleasure

Bike’Arc is not only a great place to discover beautiful landscapes or to find a corner of nature, it’s also a real area designed for mountain biking.

Its facilities offer rhythms and terrain movements rarely found on natural trails.

This is a place of real discovery that will surprise many!

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