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Areas dedicated to mountain biking


During the summer season, the 7 Laux ski area takes on a whole new look, becoming the undisputed territory of mountain bikers. Ski slopes are replaced by mountain bike trails, much to the delight of those who love to ride.

For each practice

there is a space

Take advantage of our family tours to share a moment of pure freedom, or take to the downhill mountain bike trails in Prapoutel to experience thrills and excitement.

Follow the signposted trails, use the lifts to reach the summits and indulge your passion for downhill mountain biking on trails with 5 levels of difficulty. For family outings, opt for the more suitableBel’velec circuits, or try out the brand-new Bikepark Center at Pré de l’Arc.

As you can see, whatever version of mountain biking you choose, you’ll find a unique area that’s just right for you!

The Prapoutel sector

The Prapoutel sector is the main area for downhill mountain bikers. Thanks to the Chamois chairlift, it’s possible to reach the Jasse sector at an altitude of 1968 m, and then descend via the Lac de la Jasse on a blue MTB track, or branch off onto a red track by taking the Crête track.

Mountain biking

If you’re not a downhill mountain biker, it’s best to choose another playground. TheBel’velec area, on the Prapoutel side of the 7 Laux ski resort, offers mountain bikers the chance to discover the landscape and panoramic views of the Grésivaudan valley. Rides can be on a classic mountain bike for the purist, or on an electrically-assisted mountain bike for the more effortless.

Enjoy the new Bike park Center du Pré de l’Arc

(under construction)

If you’re looking for an all-in-one mountain bike product, with trails designed to give you maximum pleasure and thrills on your mountain bike, as well as fun learning zones, the Bike park Center du Pré de l’Arc is the place to go. What’s more, its facilities offer rhythms and terrain movements rarely found on natural trails. It’s an area that’s sure to surprise!

At Les 7 Laux, there's bound to be a route to suit you.