in summer with the dogs


Man’s best friend as they’re called, a ball of affection, an unbeatable sportsman, in summer and winter alike, the dogs of Les 7 Laux offer you a truly unusual experience. The CLos de la Vallée Blanche offers a full range of dog sledding activities at Le Pleynet and in the Haut Bréda valley throughout the summer season.

Pleynet side

a true Musher

Even in summer, discovering sled dogs is a must when you come to Les 7 Laux. Understanding the way they behave and their environment, learning from their daily lives, taming them reveals some bewitching surprises! The Mushing activity is ideal for all adventurers who dream of close contact with these legendary dogs raised in packs. At Le Pleynet or La Ferrière, book yourself an exceptional day out in Les 7 Laux and make memories that will keep you smiling for years to come. We told you it was unforgettable, didn’t we?


master of the pack

After getting to know and cuddling these energetic animals, you’ll be ready to drive the carriage and discover new sensations. It’s a defining moment in your relationship with the animal, and marks the beginning of a beautiful complicity. Working closely with the Clos de la Vallée Blanche stud farm, you’ll learn taming techniques that have been used since the dawn of time, making this summer activity all the more exciting.

Unusual, powerful, unforgettable, sensational– these are the adjectives that best describe this Mushing activity.


step by step

Rest assured, you won’t be thrown into “the lion’s den” straight away. The aim of this activity is to introduce you to the way of life of these sled dogs, their environment and, above all, to put you in the shoes of a Musher. What’s a Musher? This term designates the “dog leader” or driver of a dog team, so for one day you become the leader of the pack. This immersive and sporting experience lets you learn the rudiments of driving a dog team, with an experienced guide accompanying you throughout the day.
In the heart of the spruce forest you’ll pass through, you’ll be in symbiosis with nature!

You’ll drive your own carriage, like a trapper, for a truly authentic experience.

Whether you’re a family, a couple or a group of friends, this activity will enchant you with its sensations and memories.

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