Going for a walk

on pony or horseback

Enjoy a moment of complicity with the ponies. These affectionate animals are the best friends of children… and parents!

Fancy a horseback ride? Discover the area in a different way, at animal pace.

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We’ve all wanted to experience the thrill of riding a pony or horse…
It’s a magical activity that will bring a smile to every rider’s face, and one to be enjoyed without moderation all summer long!

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Nature lends its paths and trails to horseback riders: cross the forests and discover our beautiful massif. Horseback riding offers you a privileged moment in the heart of nature. You’ll be able to appreciate the full extent of the beauty of the Belledonne landscape. This activity, accessible to all levels, can be enjoyed by the whole family, all year round.


the routine

Horseback riding meets an increasingly popular need to slow down and disconnect, a desire for nature and wide open spaces.

Riding a horse through the mountains teaches us to observe nature in a different way; by looking, listening and simply feeling things… it allows us to break the vacation routine and take a fresh look at the environment around us.

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