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At Les 7 Laux, take a breath of fresh air at altitude and enjoy the marvellous Belledonne landscapes. A multitude of hiking itineraries are on offer, departing from Prapoutel, Pipay and le Pleynet or from the chairlift arrivals. While it’s always possible to walk to the most enchanting spots, taking the chairlifts makes access easier for the youngest or medium walkers. It would be a shame to miss out on a nice hike and a breath of fresh air.

Come and have a bowl

fresh air

Take the chairlift to the summit

Want to get some fresh air and go hiking or mountain biking? The 7 Laux resort’s chairlifts are in operation in summer, giving you access to the most beautiful peaks in Belledonne. They offer 360° panoramic views of the Belledonne and Chartreuse massifs.

From the Pleynet resort, the Pincerie chairlift is open several days a week, weather permitting, and at Prapoutel, the Chamois and Ibex chairlifts operate daily, alternating according to the weather.

Hikes for all levels

On the 7 Laux massif, there’s a hike to suit every level, whether you’re looking for fresh air in Prapoutel or Le Pleynet , with or without a chairlift. Some itineraries are more sporty, while others are totally family-friendly. Such is the case of Lac de la Jasse, easily accessible from the top of the Chamois chairlift.

You’ll find plenty of hiking trails available for fresh air.

Guided hikes

The 7 Laux resort also offers guided hikes on a variety of themes:

  • the “dawn hike” to enjoy the awakening of nature at first light on the Haut Breda peaks
  • “the art of walking” for a Zen hike in a bucolic setting
  • “A la rencontre des Marmottes” at the end of the day, to discover the fauna of the Alps and admire the setting sun behind the chartreuse.

More experienced hikers can treat themselves to the Tour des Balcons de Belledonne. 127 kilometers in 11 days, with magnificent landscapes to discover between Vizille and Aiguebelle.

And to make sure your hike goes as smoothly as possible, don’t forget that mountain weather can quickly turn nasty. So..:

  • Don’t set off when the weather is uncertain, and make sure you know what the weather’s going to be like.
  • Never set off without water, a small snack and warm clothing or a windbreaker.
  • Always inform someone of your itinerary.
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