Electric mountain bikes

Discovering superb mountain scenery on a mountain bike outing is great, but an electric mountain bike is even better! Switch gears and let yourself be guided to the rhythm of the meters you’ve gained! An immersive experience in a naturally breathtaking setting.



Electric bike outings in Les 7 Laux are an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful escape in the heart of nature: you’ll discover breathtakingly beautiful places! Thanks to electric assistance, there’s no need to focus on the effort: just look up, open your eyes wide, and you’re in Les 7 Laux. As well as being a pleasant and sporty experience, the electric-assist bike will enable you to make the climbs a little easier and, above all, to let loose on the descents (in moderation, of course).

It’s the perfect way to make the most of your time in the great outdoors, and to feast your eyes!


an unusual experience

Mountain biking is also about enjoying the scenery Mother Nature has to offer in complete tranquillity. At the turn of a superb view or an unsuspected panorama, you can stop to take a nice photo, enough to immortalize your best memories. The advantage of an electrically-assisted bike in the mountains is that it’s easier to climb hills, so you save energy and enjoy your ride for longer. Indeed, with a “normal” bike without electric assistance, your ride will often take you longer to cover fewer kilometers, and you’ll miss out on some of the natural treasures to be discovered in the mountains. Not to mention the fatigue this can cause. So, with a VAE, you can make hooks in all the places you want in a non-binding period of time.

A godsend for contemplative enthusiasts and those keen to discover exceptional landscapes.



These technological gems offer a unique experience that can be shared by many, and are ideal for families and friends. Discovering neighboring villages or reaching the other sides of the resort is disconcertingly easy on an electric mountain bike. You can also rent your electric bike solo on the magnificent BEL VELEC’ itineraries on the Belledonne balconies. Would you like to be accompanied by an experienced instructor? In Le Pleynet, Coeur de Belledonne offers 2-hour rides to fully explore the most beautiful corners of this slope. In Prapoutel, you can follow Easy Rider ‘s dedicated itineraries.

You can also hire an electrically-assisted bike for the link between Prapoutel and Le Pleynet.

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