with an electrically-assisted mountain bike

Is discovering the resort without tiring yourself out an unattainable dream? Not quite! Why not take a leisurely stroll around the resort on an electric mountain bike? No longer struggling uphill, moving easily from one end of the resort to the other at around 25 km/hour sounds like heaven.

Prapoutel and Pleynet sides

Making travel easier

Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular in ski resorts, both on the slopes and on the roads. It’s true that they make it much easier to get around, greatly reducing effort. If you’d like to go for a ride in the surrounding villages, or to reach the different sites in the resort (Prapoutel, Pipay or le Pleynet), you’d better opt for an electric mountain bike.

Would you like to try your hand at electric mountain biking without renting by the week or day? Then take advantage of our supervised outings. In Le Pleynet, for example, Coeur de Belledonne offers 2-hour outings for the whole family to try out electric mountain biking. It’s a great way to rediscover the pleasure of pedaling, and to combine it with the pleasure of a family outing. In Prapoutel, Easy Rider accompanies you as you discover the areas dedicated to the sport.

You can also rent electrically-assisted mountain bikes by the hour to ride between Prapoutel and Le Pleynet and take advantage of the activities on each site.

In addition to all these possibilities, you can also discover the magnificent BEL VELEC’ routes on the Belledonne balconies on your own.

Where can you rent your electrically-assisted mountain bike?

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