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Every age has its own need to discover new activities. In the mountains, as elsewhere, it’s possible to enjoy outdoor activities without Mum and Dad, thanks to weekly or daily leisure centers. Every age has its own type of outdoor activity.

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Winter or summer, entrusting your child to a weekly or daily leisure center, particularly in the 7 Laux resort, is a great experience. First of all, there’s the chance to meet new friends, or reunite with those from last week. And then, for some, there’s the bus ride up from the valley to the Prapoutel resort. Singing, laughing and joking with the host.

Once there, it’s time to divide into groups according to level.

At the end of the week, you parents will soon realize that your child has returned every evening from his or her day at Les 7 Laux with plenty of memories to tell. The orienteering race in Prapoutel, his great archery course, his fishing trip in Lac de la Jasse, and the giggles with friends at the aquatic centre. For your part, you’ll notice some changes. He can now tie his own shoes. And he’s much more dexterous and confident. That week at the leisure center in the mountains did him a world of good.

It’s possible for your child to take part in outdoor activities without mom and dad at a day or week-long leisure center. For children in the Grésivaudan valley, a bus service is available, so don’t hesitate!

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