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Prapoutel and le Pleynet
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Even when they can barely walk, they’re already eager to try out new activities. Every age has its own need for discovery. Fortunately, the mountains have more than one trick up their sleeves, offering a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors without mom or dad to accompany you. Our weekly and daily leisure centers offer a wide range of activities to ensure that your children return home with plenty of memories.

Sensations guaranteed!

During the school vacations, entrusting your child to a leisure center for a week or a day gives him a chance to escape his daily routine and enjoy an extraordinary experience in the company of other children. It’s a chance for them to meet new friends or catch up with those from the previous week. The bus trip to Prapoutel is a highlight for the children, punctuated by singing, laughter and jokes in a “good-natured” atmosphere.

Once on site, the children are sorted into groups of different levels: an opportunity to prove themselves and form teams with the more experienced or, on the contrary, to progress together with those who are new to the discipline. The watchword remains the same: fun.

The resort offers a number of activities to keep your children busy: The Mole course at Prapoutel, the super slalom time trial on the Cabris blue run. This stay at the leisure center is also a learning experience for your child. They’ll learn to be independent and to take charge of their own lives as part of a group.

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It’s possible for your child to take part in adult activities at a day or week-long leisure center, as well as at a kindergarten or day-care center. For older children, the Sports Club can offer them their first taste of competition.

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A real must for the seeds of champions, the sports club gives young children their first taste of competition. Membership of the club offers children a great opportunity for personal and sporting development, and is available from the age of 5-6. Accessible to teenagers too, the sports club is the perfect opportunity to take part in their first competitions in a great atmosphere!

The sports club is a real opportunity for your child to discover a new passion and vocation, and to progress on the slopes of the 7 Laux resort. All the while hitting the slopes with a smile! What could be better for champion seeds full of desire?

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