A look back at a summer

a magical season in Les 7 Laux

Summer vacations at Les 7 Laux come to a close! A season that has enchanted and thrilled us all, to the rhythm of the fun activities on offer. Between laughter, smiles, sports and discoveries, the summer of 2021 has been combined with every weather and every desire to offer unique moments. Now it’s time for the Indian summer, with lifts opening every weekend in September and October.

A summer full of memories

aux 7 Laux

Didn’t get a chance to spend your summer in our resort? Would you like to relive some fond memories as you head back to school? Your favorite Alpine resort offers you a catch-up session, taking you back to the heart of a season we enjoyed so much by your side. Summer at Les 7 Laux means enjoying a wide range of fun activities, in a place where Mother Nature has a few surprises in store for us. Whether you’re with your family, friends or partner, there’s something for everyone in this resort with two slopes and three sites. Whether you’re looking for adventurous nature activities, a whirlwind of fun in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne undergrowth, or simply contemplative pleasures, summer can be enjoyed from many angles and is suitable for all ages. It’s enough to put a smile on more than one person’s face when it’s time to take out their box of summer memories.

Once again in a special context, our dose of good humor was injected by a virus we’d all like to have: sharing. Yes, sharing good times in photos, videos or with a smile. Sharing your love of the resort with those little messages you know so well. Share your experience, expertise and passion on a daily basis. Little moments of exchange that, taken together, create a summer puzzle in which each piece reminds us just how much you’ve meant to us (once again) this summer. The whole resort, its actors, its shopkeepers, its restaurateurs, its seasonal workers, thank you for your loyalty and your love of Les 7 Laux.

There’s much more to come in the coming seasons, as we look forward to a historic winter with the return of skiing!

What's new?

and fun!

Summer 2021 will see the return of ski lifts open to the general public. A real breath of fresh air for all lovers of contemplation and beautiful panoramas. Between the Bouquetins, Chamois and Pincerie chairlifts, you’ve been able to take to the heights and rediscover those good old sensations we all loved so much. But the summer of 2021 at Les 7 Laux also included a number of new features that enchanted young and old alike, from nature lovers to thrill-seekers.

7 Laux: summer gets underway with ropes course, zip line and mini-golf!

At Le Pleynet, while the Wiz Luge provided thrills and spills for all its lucky guests all summer long, the new 7 Laux Aventure accrobranche course invited young and old to slip into the skin of Tarzan, and parade from tree to tree, course to course. A brand-new experience with a forest touch! Still on the subject of thrills, but this time with your feet in the air, the new zip line at Prapoutel, freshly installed on the Belledonne Outdoor accrobranche course, was a real eye-catcher this summer. High speed, your hands hooked on the pulley and your legs dangling in the void – the perfect cocktail for a short but intense moment of pleasure. An activity that once again appealed to families, especially children, who were able to show off their adventurous side!

Tiger Wood had better watch out this summer: the mini-golf courses on the Pleynet and Prapoutel sides were the perfect playground for our little champions. This summer, families and friends were able to show off their talents on the green and enjoy a game of fun! All in a natural setting bursting with escape. How about that?

Bike'Arc Trail center

The novelty of

Discover the Bike'Arc Trail Center
Discover the Bike'Arc Trail Center
Les 7 Laux - Bike'Arc Trail Center

One of Prapoutel’s most exciting new features this summer, a combination of wilderness discovery in the heart of the undergrowth and a sporty experience on a mountain bike, has delighted everyone! The new trail, featuring two tracks set in exceptional natural surroundings, has been designed to offer maximum enjoyment on your mountain bike! The new Bike’Arc Trail Center is a real place of discovery, for the most seasoned mountain bikers as well as newcomers to the sport: with a green and blue trail, it’s suitable for all levels of experience, provided you want to push your limits and enjoy unforgettable sensations. A great activity available from spring to autumn, to be discovered with free access.

The pleasure continues

in September and October

September and October are vacation months at Les 7 Laux, provided Mother Nature offers us some sunny days to extend the summer a little further. By the time everyone has returned to school, the office or the workplace, weekends are a great opportunity to get away from it all and take a breath of fresh mountain air.

With the start of the new school year, there’s something for every taste and every desire: do you want to get up high and contemplate breathtaking panoramas? Don’t miss the opening of the ski l ifts and take the chairlift to the summit, where you’ll be thrilled by the panoramic views and magnificent natural scenery. Once you’ve reached the top, enjoy a hike with your family or friends, and discover the exceptional wildlife in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne.

Discover all the activities available every weekend in September and October at Les 7 Laux, weather permitting.

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