Become a musher for a getaway

Sled dog farms offer a unique experience. Located in the heart of the Belledonne massif, the “Clos de la vallée blanche” in Haut Bréda offers a unique experience. Polar dogs are raised in packs, whose way of life is based solely on their close relationship with each other and with their musher.

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Pleynet side

Even in summer!

Discovering the world of sled dogs, trying to understand their way of life, observing them in their activity reserves many wonderful surprises throughout a day at Le Pleynet or La Ferrière.

In addition to their beauty, sled dogs have an incredible resistance to physical effort and can distinguish themselves by their endurance in all circumstances.

Slip into the shoes of a musher and experience the adventure between man and dog.

Trying your hand at driving is a very special moment of complicity with the dogs to support their efforts.

By offering these activities, the Clos de la Vallée Blanche kennel provides an insight into a very special way of life that has been used for thousands of years. It’s a unique, emotionally-charged experience that goes far beyond a simple leisure outing.

After a brief explanation of the carriages, how they work and how to drive them, you’ll harness up the dogs, then head off into the wilds of the Pleynet resort with your guide for a short ride along a trail, then through a spruce forest.

Everyone will drive their own carriage, like a trapper, the aim being to manipulate the carriage to better understand how it works, and to experience a moment of escape.

When the snow gives way to oceans of green, skates are swapped for wheels, allowing you to discover mushing from a very different angle!

Discovering the world of sled dogs is a must-do experience that can be shared with the whole family .

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