Isère hiking

Do you love nature and wide open spaces, and want to discover the mountains as you’ve never seen them before? At Les 7 Laux, nature’s corners are ideal for hiking. Alone or accompanied by a guide, take advantage of wide-open spaces to discover trails, peaks and mountain lakes.

Choose your itinerary according to your ability, your companions and your desire for discovery.

Nature trails in the heart of Isère

Whether you ‘re a winter hiker with snowshoes, or a summer hiker with itineraries around lakes, the 7 Laux hiking trails are sure to please.

Take advantage of our Isère trails, which offer a wide range of variations and elevation changes. Ready-made itineraries to meet your need to get away from it all.

Choose itineraries to meet your family hiking needs, with circuits around lakes or forest walks. Take advantage of your hikes in the Belledonne massif to admire the scenery and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the Chartreuse massif.

A trail for everyone in Isère

Whether you’re a novice or a keen walker, choose your trails according to the gradient, kilometers or hours of walking available to suit your physical condition and level.

At Les 7 Laux, hiking is accessible to all.