The White Coal Museum

Bergès House

In Lancey

The economic activity of the Grésivaudan valley has long been based on the extraction of minerals such as iron, but also on hydroelectricity.

The Maison Bergès is now home to a museum retracing this history, as well as that of the men who were key players in this economy. Located in Villard-Bonnot, the Musée de la Houille Blanche is an excellent idea for an outing from the 7 Laux resort.

A museum in the Bergès house

A major player in the paper industry, particularly in Lancey, Aristide Bergès was one of the first to use hydroelectricity. This museum has been set up in his former home near Les 7 Laux. The decor is in keeping with the original, giving way to a blend of industrial and art nouveau styles.

“Every visitor to the museum is immersed in a family universe. This is what gives the Musée de la Houille Blanche – Maison Bergès its intimate feel.

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