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The Lac de La Terrasse

Want to spend a nice day around the 7 Laux resort? Are you looking for a friendly place where you could find a snack and have a really relaxing time with family or friends? The Lac de la Terrace is the place for you.


A family leisure base

Located at the foot of the Massif de Belledonne, not far from the 7 Laux resort, Lac de la Terrace also offers a superb view of the Massif de la Chartreuse. Its water quality is very pure and it is even one of the purest in the valley, because it draws from the Isère water table.

Its setting is really conducive to swimming with a sandy beach, more natural than that of the coast and surveillance by lifeguards.

“A great place to come and cool off in the summer and share water or nature activities with family or friends”

Facilities to have a great day

The Lac de la Terrasse is a beautiful place to take a walk, close to Prapoutel, Pleynet or Pipay for a beautiful summer day. On site, the Lac de la Terrasse beach, which has shady corners and others in the sun, allows you to take a picnic with you, unless you prefer to have a real snack meal. The menu is varied and will suit all tastes, even the fussier ones.

Why do we have to go there?
Share a good time with family or friends

Relaxation and tranquility

ToRefresh yourself in the summer

Surprising place to stay

ToRecharge batterieswith activities

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