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La Terrasse lake

Looking for a fun day out around the 7 Laux resort? Are you looking for a friendly place where you can find a snack bar and spend some truly relaxing time with family or friends? Lac de la Terrasse is the place for you.

A family leisure centre

Situated at the foot of the Belledonne massif, not far from the resort of Prapoutel / Les 7 Laux, Lac de la Terrasse also offers superb views of the Chartreuse massif. Its water quality is extremely pure – in fact, it’s one of the purest in the valley, benefiting from the Isère water table.

The setting is ideal for swimming, with a sandy beach that’s more natural than that of the coast, and lifeguard surveillance.

“An ideal place to cool off in the summer and enjoy water sports and nature activities with family and friends”.

Facilities for a great day out

Lac de La Terrasse is a great place to spend a summer’s day, close to the 7 Laux ski resort. The beach at Lac de La Terrasse has both shaded and sunny areas, so you can take your picnic with you, unless you prefer a real meal at the snack bar. The varied menu is sure to please even the most discerning palates.

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