What to do in September and October

aux 7 Laux

The vacations are in full swing! With summer barely behind us, we’re extending our summer fun every weekend in September and October to take a breath of fresh air and clear our minds! Now that the back-to-school bell has rung for many of you, find out how you can enjoy some unforgettable weekends in September and October (weather permitting).

Vacations play

additional time!

Who said Indian summer only existed in North America? September has begun, the new school year has begun, the vacations are over… Except in Les 7 Laux, where the fun continues in September and October! After a wonderful summer spent by your side, where good humor rhymed with sporting activities, where memories and sharing were the order of the day, it’s time to add a mountain touch to your weekends. If Mother Nature decides to treat us to some beautiful days, you’ll be able to take advantage of the opening of the ski lifts, as well as a host of unmissable activities. Whether you’re with family, friends or as a couple, everyone has the right to relax in the fresh air and recharge their batteries!

Discover the 7 Laux weekend program just below.

Chairlift opening

des Chamois

When it’s gone, it’s still here! The Chamois chairlift in Prapoutel is open every weekend from 10.30am to 4.45pm.

Providing access to the DH mountain biking area, you can now book your day pass and save time in just a few clicks.

If you’re a keen mountain biker, grab a ticket at the chairlift departure point and climb to the summit for superb panoramic views and some of your best memories!

Down the slopes

mountain biking

Because we love thrills at Les 7 Laux, we’re delighted to announce that every weekend (weather permitting), the downhill mountain bike area in Prapoutel will be rolling down its trails! Handlebars in hand, wheels pumping, let your audacity do the talking and treat yourself to sensations with a capital S! Take advantage of the opening of the Chamois chairlift and save time by booking your lift pass now!

The must-have

Wiz Luge

at Le Pleynet

There’s no need to introduce it, as its thrills have already been talked about enough. 700 meters of descent in the naturally green setting of Le Pleynet, all on a bobsleigh track: a cocktail you’ll love sipping! Weather permitting, the Wiz Luge will be open every weekend in September and October from 1pm to 5.30pm!

Fun for young and old alike!

To your bows

Ready? Shoot!

in Prapoutel

Play the American Indian, slip into the shoes of Fort Apache, and hit the bull’s-eye every weekend in September in Prapoutel with Arcs et Flèches! From 2pm to 6pm, it’s up to you to show who’s king of the village. How does it work? Set your sights, concentrate and show off your precision by placing your arrows at the heart of the target.

Walking / hiking

Get some fresh air in the fresh air, enjoy exceptional panoramic views, immortalize every moment, strike the ground with passionate steps – the list could go on, hiking is such a source of inspiration. Take advantage of the Chamois chairlift to treat yourself to a wonderful hike to the summit of Prapoutel, a chance to meet some animals and enjoy a naturally beautiful setting! Or set off directly from one of your favorite sites: Prapoutel, Pipay and le Pleynet. Whether you’re a keen hiker, a fan of positive elevation changes or simply an epicurean of beautiful walks, discover our walks and hikes today!

Hiking in the mountains is like making memories, to share with friends and family!

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