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With summer in full swing and the resort open until August 29, Les 7 Laux is the place to be! A paradise for young and old alike, the resort has pulled out all the stops to ensure you enjoy an exceptional summer: entertainment, à la carte activities, new features… plenty of fun in an exceptional natural setting! Whether you’re already here or preparing to set down your bags at Les 7 Laux, discover the best activities to enjoy with the whole family!

My family summer

Aux 7 Laux

After the past few months, we’re delighted and relieved to have done everything we can to make your summer in Les 7 Laux a pleasant and, above all, unforgettable one. Summer in the mountains is often a time for encounters, as you go for a ride on a VAE, or discoveries during immersive hikes in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne forest. Nestled in a cocoon of greenery, you can enjoy a naturally beautiful and relaxing setting, while taking in the fresh air from our peaks. Just the thing to cool off when the heat gets too much in the valley. That’s the advantage of a summer in the mountains: enjoy a wide range of sporting activities in the great outdoors, combining pleasure and effort for days full of memories!

Children love it, parents too: Les 7 Laux is the resort that appeals to all generations. For young and old, for the sporty and the less sporty… there’s something for everyone. If you book your accommodation in the resort, all you have to do is jump into your sneakers and grab your rucksack (prepared the day before, of course) to take advantage of the many activities and entertainment on offer!

Down the slopes

in Trottin'Herbe

From pilot to adventurer, at the controls of your Trottin’Herbe, nothing will ever be the same again. This fun activity, ideal for the whole family, is the perfect way to enjoy a good time in a unique setting. Mounted on large wheels, this fun machine offers a thrilling ride that’s sure to put a smile on your face! Suitable for young and old alike, this activity delights families every summer, and requires no prerequisites, just an overflowing desire to have fun. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Handlebars in hand, eyes riveted on the descent, you launch off at full speed, head down. You’ve got a tricky course ahead of you, but with its easy handling, it’s child’s play!

Climb, tumble and start all over again!

Although sensational, this family activity is totally safe: you control the speed yourself on the way down. For the “crazy” ones, speed is your spearhead and adventure beckons. Safer, you say? The brake will be your ally on your descent. It’s a great activity to discover with the whole family, on a sunny summer’s day, to make lasting memories. Wondering how to get to the top of the run? Rest assured, it’s quick and easy: in other words, the dream! Just hop on your scooter and climb to the top of the track. It’s a great way to get to know your new “friend” and experience the thrill of the ride, before taking the plunge. Once at the bottom, you’ll want to do it all over again!

VAE ride

with your family

A real star of the resort for some years now, the Electrically Assisted Bicycle, better known as the VAE, is sure to appeal to many families all summer long. Its originality attracts, its comfort captivates, but the good memories remain. Enjoying a ride on a VAE means being able to cover long distances in the heart of superb landscapes without overexerting yourself or getting tired. A fine compromise, thanks to its electric-assist technology, which allows you to prolong the pleasure of your family outings, and enjoy breathtaking panoramas that you might not have been able to observe on a “classic” bike. Indeed, the idea of taking a mountain bike out into the mountains can be daunting. With a VAE, it’s easy to pedal and discover exceptional trails, both uphill and downhill. It’s child’s play! In fact, this activity will appeal to young and old alike, giving you the chance to experience unique moments in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne! As you can see, the VAE combines sporting pleasure with the discovery of a family outing.

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in Wiz Luge

The star of Les 7 Laux, and more particularly of Le Pleynet, the Wiz Luge puts smiles on families’ faces in winter and summer alike. This bobsleigh-like sled is a truly sensational attraction, offering an unusual experience.

In summer, the Wiz Luge is a real pleasure to ride, as its speed immerses you in a bath of sensations. Families love this activity, and we know why: accessible, fun, attractive… all adjectives are good to highlight this whirlwind of sensations. Young and old are invited to try the adventure: from 3 to 77 years old, the desire to have fun on a toboggan on rails crosses generations.

The Wiz Luge’s700-metre descent at top speed, or at a moderate pace for the more cautious, makes it one of the resort’s must-sees. Plunged into the heart of the fir trees of the Massif de Belledonne, you’re caught up in a whirlwind of sensations where every bend is an invitation to discover. In addition to being fun and enjoyable, this family activity is totally safe: anti-derailment system, safety belt, anti-bumping system, brake… the complete panoply for a good time in complete safety. That’s reassuring for parents, isn’t it?

Bonus: put on your best smile and pick up your photo on arrival (for a fee). Smile, you’re in Les 7 Laux!


in the trees all summer long!

Climbing from tree to tree, discovering your adventurous side and enjoying a fun, natural activity – that’s what accrobranche at Les 7 Laux is all about. A popular activity over the years, accrobranche appeals to families with children of all ages. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved in an original activity, especially at Les 7 Laux. Discover not one but two playful accrobranche sites at Prapoutel and Le Pleynet, with plenty of fun to be had. Climb the peaks, overcome obstacles, move from branch to branch, awaken your inner Tarzan, all thanks to a family outdoor activity.

When you come to the mountains in summer, you’ll be able to take advantage of those unusual moments when the forest is your playground. It’s a well-known fact that accrobranche is an educational activity that gives children the chance to exercise and have fun, while improving their balance and concentration. A great summer idea before the start of the new school year, don’t you think? A real pleasure for families with a natural touch, accrobranche is a totally safe and supervised activity: harnesses and karabiners equip you for a moment of total relaxation. Several courses of varying levels are available, so you can tame the trees to your heart’s content and progress at your own pace.

The icing on the cake is the new Tyrolean traverse at Prapoutel, for a sensational experience!

Treat yourself

nice trip

A must-do, a classic, but one that never ceases to delight families, the chairlift ride to the summit is a great summer experience. From the foot of the resort to the finish, the most contemplative among you will delight in the panoramic views. At both Le Pleynet and Prapoutel, you’ll be able to enjoy a cocoon of greenery all summer long, and immortalize it in your memories. After spending a good while replaying the sublime scenery over and over again, you’ve reached the top. Once again, an exceptional backdrop is set before your eyes, with a bird’s-eye view of the Grésivaudan Valley. An open-air spectacle with a green touch. If you’re a keen walker and a lover of discovery, you’ll enjoy picking good mountain blueberries, or walking around the lakes at the top of the slopes. You’re sure to come across other families, couples and groups of friends with whom you can get to know each other and share the day’s most exciting discoveries. A moment of sharing that families love!

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