New things to do

this summer in Les 7 Laux

At last, summer has arrived, even if ours begins in earnest on July 3. All our teams are gearing up for a great summer, with plenty of activities to share with family and friends! Here are the latest news to discover this summer at Les 7 Laux.

A magical summer

aux 7 Laux

Summer is here, and a whole team of enthusiasts is preparing behind the scenes to bring you a remarkable season. The summer heat is here, and the desire to escape to the mountains is palpable! With just a few days to go before the summer season opens, we can’t wait to welcome you to Les 7 Laux, where you’ll be able to take advantage of all the must-sees and activities on offer. As a multi-activity resort in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne, you’re sure to appreciate the exceptional, magical setting that makes up our resort, and enchants young and old alike every summer. Yes, spending a summer at Les 7 Laux is all about indulging yourself, discovering breathtaking places and panoramas, and making lots of memories! Isn’t that nice? Far from the scorching heat of summer in the Isère region, perched at an altitude of over 1,300 metres in a cocoon of coolness, it’s great to be able to go for a stroll or take part in nature activities of all kinds, all in the warm atmosphere that characterizes the resort.

Summer 2021 promises to be hot, fun and enchanting, with new features for a season we hope will be a complete success!

New products for

more fun!

Discover the new activities, both natural and sporting, that will bring rays of sunshine to your summer 2021. To your notes!

Tree climbing

arrives at Le Pleynet

It’s THE new feature of the summer in Les 7 Laux! After theaccrobranche coursesat Prapoutel, you’ll be donning the Tarzan costume at Le Pleynet. Enjoy a fun activity to share with family, friends or couples, and become one with nature for a moment. Immersed in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne and the sublime Haut Bréda valley, take to the skies and experience a moment full of sensations. Guided by your instincts, you’ll gain confidence as you progress along the route, your steps following one another, but never the same, as the obstacles are so varied. Each one is a test, a goal, a challenge. Of course, there are different routes depending on your level of experience and practice.
Are you or someone you know afraid of heights? Not at ease with tree climbing? Don’t worry, the yellow course is ideal for a gentle introduction!
Are you more at ease and not afraid of a challenge? The red course will be a real challenge that only you can master. As you can see, there’s no age limit to having fun and enjoying a good time, perched several metres off the ground! When the day is in full swing and the sun is glinting in the sky, it’s great to be able to do this activity in a cool, shady atmosphere, immersed in the forest of the Massif de Belledonne.

If you’re visiting Le Pleynet, you’ll definitely want to come and try out this new activity and discover the new courses, which are well worth the detour!

New zip-line

in Prapoutel

Did you know about the accrobranche courses near Prapoutel? How about adding a little sensationalism? This summer, discover the brand-new Tyrolean traverse that will blow your mind! Experience the sensations of a rollercoaster at top speed, hanging from your pulley. Experience a unique moment that will leave you with unforgettable memories, to share with friends, family or as a couple. Launched at full speed, your fear of heights will quickly be overcome. After all, this new zip line adds an adventurous touch to an already unique forest tree climbing course.

Fun, natural and sensational, this new activity in Prapoutel is the promise of a memorable summer in Les 7 Laux. So this summer, jump into the deep end…of greenery!

Mini-Golf :

it's going to swing on the Green!

Take control of your golf club and slip into the shoes of Tiger Wood on the new Mini-Golf course on the Prapoutel and Pleynet sides. This fun activity is ideal for a family outing or an outing with friends. While real golf requires a few prerequisites and isn’t for everyone, its little brother, Mini-Golf, will win over young and old, beginners and experts alike. There are 6 Mini-Golf courses at Prapoutel and Le Pleynet, where you can relax and set your sights on a completely unusual activity. After all, what could be better than enjoying a relaxing activity in the idyllic setting of Les 7 Laux, with the added bonus of finishing first in your little tribe? Whether you’re a champion worthy of the greatest golf tournaments, or just a beginner, there’s fun for everyone! To make the course even more exciting, we’ve thrown in a number of obstacles and pitfalls to keep you on your toes – with a smile on your face, of course. Are you up to the challenge? See you on Green this summer! It’s a truly special experience, with lots of laughs, smiles and good memories to share! This brand-new activity for summer 2021 will win you over with its originality and the fun it generates. No doubt you’ll be proud to have finished the course first, while wanting to do it all over again once the activity is over… That’s the 7 Laux effect.

Of course, you can rent your equipment on site, so you can enjoy your activity in complete peace of mind. So, are you ready to swing?

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