La Comba Autrafé Museum

At La Combe de Lancey

The Comba Autrafé museum in La Combe de Lancey, not far from Prapoutel / Les 7 Laux, is a rural museum of popular arts and traditions. Through its objects and exhibitions, it pays tribute to all those who have shaped the past and history of La Combe de Lancey.

Craftsmanship in the spotlight

Through its collection of 1,300 objects, you’ll find yourself immersed in 5 distinct universes: disappeared activities (such as the craftsmanship of glove makers, blacksmiths, hemp workers and clog makers), daily life and housing, local history and nature (focusing on geology and wildlife).

Located at Mas Montacol, the Comba Autrafé museum is spread over 5 rooms and features exhibits that bear witness to a bygone era when craftsmanship was at the heart of economic life. The exhibits retrace the lives of the inhabitants of Combe de Lancey, with objects from yesteryear relating to farming, geology and wildlife. This museum, not far from the 7 Laux, retraces 2 centuries of history.

A must-see museum of folk art and tradition”.

When staying in the 7 Laux resort, a visit to this museum is a must if you want to learn about the local economy and the lives of the people who live in the Grésivaudan valley and at the foot of the Belledonne massif.

Why do we have to go?
Forfill uphistory
Fortravel through time
To discoverwealthof the Belledonne balcony

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