Gardens and Castle

du Touvet

Created in the 18th century, the gardens at Château du Touvet are renowned throughout the Grésivaudan and Grenoble valleys.

Very popular with brides and grooms, who use it as a privileged setting for their photos, the gardens and château of Le Touvet charm with their beauty and terraced layout. In summer, it’s a must for a family outing around the 7 Laux ski resort.

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Take the whole family on a bucolic stroll through the gardens of Château du Touvet. Laid out in 1750, these 5-hectare gardens are gracefully designed with boxwood parterres forming a delicate pattern with artfully pruned yew trees, creating a superb spectacle. Marked by an Italian-style water staircase fed by the Chartreuse torrents and other springs, the gardens of Château du Touvet also boast several ponds and fountains that add a touch of freshness to any visit.

During your visit to the park, don’t miss the Comtesse walled garden, the kitchen garden and orchard, the undergrowth garden and the rose garden.

“A magnificent site with an exceptional view of the Belledonne massif! A place full of history to discover in the Gresivaudan valley”.

These sumptuous gardens were designed by the Comte de Marcieu. Today, the gardens and château of Le Touvet, classified as a “historic monument”, are a veritable jewel in the Grésivaudan valley.

Why do we have to go?
Fordiscovera magical place full of history
To wander the shady gardens andcontemplatea magnificent panorama
To visit one of ourjewelsde la Vallée du Grésivaudan

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