Fort Barraux

in Barraux

Built in 1597 by Ercole Negro at the request of Charles Emmanuel 1st Duke of Savoy, Fort Barraux is one of the treasures of the Grésivaudan valley.

This bastion, with its architecture inspired by the defensive squares of Italy, is one of the oldest in the Dauphiné. It has been rebuilt and altered over the years, but Vauban is responsible for its current form. It has been the object of much covetousness, notably that of the Duc de Lesdiguières, who wanted to make it his own.

Discovering the

historical heritage

Not far from Les 7 Laux, Fort Barraux is a must-see for adults and children alike.

Acting as a lookout, Fort Barraux served above all as a deterrent against possible attacks. In turn garrison, arms depot and military prison, then civil prison after the Second World War, Fort Barraux has a rich history.

It underwent several transformations in the 18th century, including the addition of two barracks and a chapel.

“An unmissable place in the Grésivaudan Valley that will appeal to adults and children alike”.

Visits open to all

From May to September, if the days are mild, Fort Barraux is open to all for a 1h30 to 2h tour, departing at 3pm. Near Prapoutel or Le Pleynet, children will be delighted to discover this bastion surrounded by fortified walls. If they’re under 12, the visit is free, another reason to immerse them in this historical interlude. Everyone can explore the 5 km of ramparts, some of which are 25 m high, and admire the 4 drawbridges.

Why do we have to go?
To discover thehistorical heritagede la Vallée du Grésivaudan
To visit one of ouroldest and most prestigiousdefensive positions in the Alps
To visit this must-seelistedhistorical monuments

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