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Discover an original museum not far from Les 7 Laux, in Pinsot, Haut Bréda.

The Haut Bréda valley was rich in activities such as iron working, from mining to forging. At the forge and mills in Pinsot, you can immerse yourself in the work of yesteryear, when the forge was still used to shape tools, or discover how oil or wheat was pressed to make flour.

A forge and mills

Located near the Gleysin torrent, the Pinsot forge and mills are an excellent destination for a walk around Les 7 Laux. An original idea for a family summer outing to discover the world of old-time blacksmiths and millers. During the visit, young and old alike will learn about the skills of craftsmen of yesteryear, as well as the history of the taillanderie and that of the Pays d’Allevard, whose activity was based on iron mining.

“In the heart of the mountain hamlet of Pinsot,
discover a lively and original museum”.

Temporary exhibitions

As well as cultural walks and demonstrations of skills, don’t miss the temporary exhibition at the Pinsot forge and mills, which showcases the talents of young sculptors who work iron into works of art.

Why do we have to go?
Formeet and exchangewith the peasant workers of the Upper Bréda Valley
Forrediscoverthe gestures of the craftsmen of yesteryear
To visit thewild and beautifulUpper Breda Valley


in the vicinity!