Funicular and Icarus' laboratory

Like a caterpillar, the funicular of Saint Hilaire du Touvet slowly climbs 750 meters on the wall of the Chartreuse.

Mounted on a rack, this funny little train has been connecting Montfort’s departure station to the arrival in the heart of Saint Hilaire du Touvet for 95 years.

20 minutes of climbing

causing time to stop

Built at the base to allow lifting the building materials of the Petites roches health facility to be built, the funicular still transports tourists after 95 years. It is used by paragliders who jump from the Plateau de Saint-Hilaire (especially during the Icarus cup) or by people who simply want to walk on a Plateau de Chartreuse and offer a grandiose view of the Vallée du Grésivaudan.

“In the heart of the mountain village of Pinsot, discover a living and original museum”

Activities at the top

After a smooth climb for 20 minutes, activities at the high resort await you to complete this excursion:

  • Visit the machinery
  • Audio-guided and walking course of the Dioux
  • A fun and educational space with the Icarus laboratory. This museum is entirely dedicated to gravity, air and flight.
  • A panoramic restaurant with one of the most beautiful views of the valley.

The museum space of the Icarus Laboratory will excite young and old alike. Come live sensational experiences and discover the works of the greatest masters of gravity: Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, they all shared the dream of Icarus.

A space on 2 levels, it uses fun and diverse activities to explore the landscapes of Chartreuse, discover the history of the funicular, engage in scientific experiments or attend the screening of short films.

Why do we have to go there?
To board the steepest funicular in France
To contemplate magnificent panorama

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To have a reallyrelaxing timewith family or friends

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