Going for a walk

around the lakes

What if you took advantage of summer to discover the mountains in a different way? How about choosing a sunny day to stroll around the lakes of Les 7 Laux. Put on your hiking boots, pack a picnic lunch and water in your rucksack and set off for a walk around the lakes.

A hike


At 7 a.m., when the resort of Le Pleynet is still asleep, it’s high time to grab your walking sticks and set off for the 7 Laux lakes. A 3h30 hike, almost 700 m ascent to reach nirvana. 3 lakes await you for a well-deserved, refreshing snack break.

Take to the trail and begin your ascent: first on the ski slopes, then through the fir forest or along the river. Can you smell the wild spinach field? Further on, the scent of donkeys and sheep wafts up your nostrils: you’ve reached the Gleyzin chalet.

As you continue on your way, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the flora and fauna of the Belledonne. If you’re not accustomed to walking, you’ll appreciate the sense of well-being it brings. Recharge your batteries in the heart of the mountains and experience intense emotions.

At the summit, you’ll discover the beauty and calm of Lac Carré, Lac de Cos and Lac Cottepens. A sight you’ll long remember.

Intense emotions

As well as taking in the fabulous scenery, a walk around the lakes is also an opportunity to be surprised by nature.

Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot a marmot standing on its rock at the bend in the path? Perhaps you’ll experience the intense emotion of seeing a chamois leaping from rock to rock, high up near the peaks. Who knows? Let’s not forget that the mountains are also a land of wild yet beautiful animals. A whistle? You’re definitely in marmot territory. Keep your eyes peeled! She’s holed up there somewhere.

So if in the evening you come back down to the 7 Laux resort with heavy legs, the memory of that agile chamois or the discovery of that beautiful plant will make you say to yourself that it was well worth it. And if you haven’t been lucky enough to come across an animal, immersion in these unique mountain lake landscapes is enough to create wonderful memories.

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