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Piercing an apple with an arrow, sticking an arrow in the center of the target, it all seems so easy when you see Robin Hood or the American Indians doing it. But what about when it’s your turn to string the bow? Can you even hit the target? Try archery in Prapoutel for an activity with family or friends is the perfect opportunity to find out.

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for young and old alike!

Target practice

Before you set off into the forests of the Massif de Belledonne and Prapoutel with your bow and arrow like Robin Hood, an American Indian or a primitive hunter, you’ll need to practice a little on targets. Set out from 5 to 20 meters apart, the targets on the Arc et Flèches site in Prapoutel will enable you to acquire the right gesture and learn the basic techniques. Try to score as many points as possible by sticking your arrow into the heart of the target, or hit the Grizzly and the deer in 3D at 20 meters…

And as there’s no age limit to being a real archer, everyone can set up their target at the right distance to progress with confidence.

Géronimo’s children

If you’ve got kids aged 4 to 7, give them the chance to experience archery for the first time at Prapoutel. Like Indians, they’ll have to take on Fort Apache, defended by the evil cowboys. Of course, there’s no risk of injury, as bows and arrows are safe. The thrill of being Geronimo, however, is guaranteed!

Initiation or course

Would you like to try archery at Prapoutel without ever having done it before? Choose our “discovery” sessions. Supervised by professionals, you’ll learn the right gestures to hit targets easily, whatever their distance.

Are you interested in archery? If so, why not take part in advanced sessions, an archery course in the forest, try out archery ball trapping, or take a course at the 7 Laux resort?

Finally, to vary the pleasures by making the target look real, or to adopt a different shooting style, it’s also possible to train on 3D animal targets. With their different shapes, you’ll need to be even more precise to hit your target.

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