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L'Échappée Belle

Entertainment and shuttles

L’échappée Belle, a highly technical ultra trail through the Belledonne mountain range, will take place this year on August 25, 26 and 27. Created in 2013, this trail is demanding but wins over runners with the exceptional beauty of its landscapes. Its reputation also stems from the friendliness and motivation of the team of volunteers who get involved in the organization every year, adding their dynamism and support to this internationally renowned trail and contributing greatly to the flawless organization of the event.

Different routes

Great atmosphere on the program

Every year, the passage of runners through the Grésivaudan region brings its share of entertainment and festivities. Cheers, pride and applause mingle with laughter, music, initiations, workshops and events of all kinds. The passage of the 149km runners attracts crowds of supporters. In addition, there are three routes in the Grésivaudan region: the northern traverse from Fond de France (88km), the Crêtes route starting in Allevard-les Bains (64km) and the Skyrace (21km) also from Fond de France.

Get organized to make the most of it

The sites of the three starts, the refreshment points and the runners’ passages come to life. That’s why, once again this year, the Belledonne Chartreuse Tourist Office and the organizers are pulling out all the stops to make sure you get the most out of the event.

to make your life easier

Free shuttles

A system of free shuttles lets you get around without worrying about road hazards, slowdowns or parking spaces. From the parking lot behind La Pléiade theater, you can get to Pinsot, Fond de France and Le Pleynet on Friday August 25, and to Collet d’Allevard and Super Collet on Saturday August 26. There will also be a shuttle bus from Pinsot to Le Gleyzin from Friday August 25 at 2pm to Saturday August 26 at 1pm.

For your pleasure

A great program of events

Numerous events will be held at Le Pleynet, Fond de France, Allevard-les Bains and Super-Collet.

For this eleventh edition of the ultra trail, the entire Tourist Office team, organizers and volunteers will be on the alert to ensure that this edition, like the previous ones, is a success for spectators and runners alike, and that it leaves you with memorable souvenirs.

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