Enjoy a renowned downhill mountain biking area

Sporty by nature, you’re looking forward to a lively vacation in the Belledonne massif. You don’t want to spend the whole holiday sunbathing by the pool. At Les 7 Laux, you’ll be able to take advantage of a renowned downhill mountain biking area. Here, when the snow has melted, the ski slopes are transformed into trails for mountain bikers. And watch out, it’s a bumpy ride. So don your helmet, your protective gear and get on your bike!

Prapoutel side

14 mountain bike trails

all levels

An easy ascent

As in many ski resorts, in summer the lifts are accessible to mountain bikers and hikers. Here in Prapoutel, you won’t escape either. Deciding to treat yourself to several rides and take advantage of a renowned downhill mountain biking area, you decide to opt for the day pass. With this, you can take the chairlifts to the top of the slopes. From there, you can admire the entire bike park. Its reputation is well established, and Grenoble residents flock there to enjoy the quality of its shape.

For the more addicted, there’s a week pass and even a season pass.

Lots of leads

It’s time to prepare the program. You’ll have your work cut out for you, as this renowned downhill mountain biking area boasts no fewer than 14 trails. Don’t dwell on the 2 green trails, and get to the heart of the matter: 4 blue trails, 4 red trails, 1 black trail, and even 1 expert trail. That’s for sure! It’s going to get moving. Taking the Chamois chairlift to Prapoutel, you climb to almost 2000 metres.

A variety of courses

In the upper part of the 7 Laux Bikepark, you’ll have to defend yourself on rather rocky terrain. Once you’re past the slippery ground, you’ll be able to have a bit of fun in an uneven world. This is the part with roots and fir trees. For your first run, you’ll opt for a blue run with banked turns and XXL-sized braking points.

After spending the day enjoying the renowned mountain biking area and descending into the rocks, you’ll be happy to take the Cortillets trail with its banked section, banked turns, drops and mini shores.

Now you understand why it’s such a renowned downhill mountain biking area, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here before!

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