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When the sun shines on the peaks of the Belledonne massif and on Prapoutel, Pipay and Le Pleynet, the desire to get away from it all and go for a walk is great. Looking out the window, you’d love to go for a walk, but it’s not easy with children. They won’t follow, and you never walk. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Put on your mountain boots, there are easy walks for everyone in Les 7 Laux.

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Family outings

Choosing the right route

Easy walks for everyone are possible, you just have to choose the right itinerary. For the first day, you can easily opt for the discovery trail formula or for easy itineraries for everyone. There are easy walks starting from Prapoutel and Le Pleynet (Prapoutel/Pipay link with a 200 m ascent, Tour du pré de l’arc, Crêt du bœuf, Cascade du pissou…) that are sure to interest children. So, the snack is in the bag, along with the water bottles, and the whole family is ready to go and discover the little corners of nature. Please note: don’t embark on a 7 km circuit, but opt instead for a short 2.5 km loop. On the Pinsot circuit, children have to find beacons, and they don’t see the time go by.


Are you interested in short tours, but would rather go hiking? Choose to hike with a Zen formula. Arrange to be accompanied, or ask at the guide office or tourist office for hiking topos, so you can take it easy and make easy strolls for everyone. Don’t forget that it’s not so much the kilometers you cover that are important, but rather the interest you derive from them. Have you noticed the animals watching you as you go? And what’s that flower’s name again?

I’d rather take a chairlift

And if you think that mountain walks are too difficult and not accessible to everyone, don’t hesitate to take a chairlift.

From Prapoutel, the Bouquetins and Chamois chairlifts run alternately, so there’s always a lift to take you higher, weather permitting. At Le Pleynet, you can take the Pincerie chairlift several days a week.

They also operate in summer, saving you the fatigue of the climb. So when all you have to do is walk down to the resort, frankly, even with children, it’s possible to make easy walks for everyone.

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