randonneur au col du Louprandonneur au col du Loup
©Randonneur au col du Loup|Johannes Braun
Surveying a new GR

THE GR®738

In the heart of Belledonne

Are you a mountain walker who’s not afraid of embarking on a multi-day hike? Then set your alarm and get your shoes out of the closet: the brand-new GR® 738 is sure to win over mountain fans and those addicted to Alpine landscapes and trails.

Prapoutel and Pleynet sides

THE GR®738

Dive into the heart of Belledonne

Forests, peaks and high-altitude lakes follow your progress on the GR® 738, a spectacular new GR® that winds its way through the heart of the Belledonne massif. While the first few days may seem a bit like a warm-up, as you make your way along rather bucolic paths, the rock faces soon make their appearance. The Col de la Frêche and then the Col d’Arpenjon provide an escape route to the Refuge des Férices.

The traverse along the 7 Laux lakes will leave you with unforgettable memories of your journey.

From cols to refuges, from lakes to wooded forests, the GR® 738 takes you right across the Belledonne massif. 10,000 meters of ascent in ten days. 140 kilometers between Savoie and Isère, offering breathtaking panoramic views of emblematic peaks such as Mont-Blanc, the Grands Moulins (Belledonne’s emblematic peak) and the Lauzière.

For some, walking this spectacular new GR® from the 7 Laux ski resort is a real challenge and a new experience. In addition to overnight stays in refuges and snack breaks amidst blueberries and rhododendrons, this trail criss-crosses the cols and crests of the Belledonne massif, and it’s not uncommon to find passages peaking at over 2000 meters.

Of course, it will take you 5 hours, sometimes 7, to reach the next stage, but some of them will be punctuated by surprising encounters. Above Lac Robert, for example, you can meet the Belledonne shepherd who watches over his herd of 1,500 animals. Here, you can talk about his job, his working conditions and his daily struggles.

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Experience a realchallengeand a new experience
Divingin the heartof the Belledonne massif

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