Fauna & flora

The massif de Belledonne provides many hiking trails that will allow you to explore the fauna and flora of the Alpine mountains. You can walk through the trails alone or use a guide during hikes to discover all the treasures of the alpine pastures on the massif of the 7 Laux.

From hikes to discovering

flora and fauna

At the 7 Laux, we offer you many hikes accessible to all, young and old, which will allow you to discover a particular universe rich in flora and fauna.

With guided hiking from Prapoutel or hikes from the Pleynet slope, you will cross magical places where you can observe the mountain wildlife at the turn of a trail. Do you hear hissing? Open your eyes wide and you can see a ground hog standing on a rock. A wild hike with a passionate mountain guide will guide you to meet chamois or sheep.

Exceptional moments

The Massif de Belledonne landscape is full of exceptional places. Thus, it being a wild mountain, it offers varied landscapes and a most diverse fauna and flora. Opting for guided walks allows you to take advantage of the knowledge of the mountain guides who will make you discover the beauty of the plants and all the Massif de Belledonne hidden treasures.

Watch the ground hogs

The famous mountain ground hogs hibernate all winter long. They begin to wake up slowly from mid-April depending on the weather and altitude