As the name suggests in Bike patrol there is “Bike” and “patrol”. So what is Bike Patrol? A Bike patrol or a Patrol on bikes? Still, this Bike Patrol monitors the state of the 7 Laux mountain bike downhill trails.

Their mission

Mountain bike trail maintenance

An association with volunteers maintains  the mountain biking trails in 7 Laux. So even if the latter has set up a bike patrol to maintain and shape the bike park, all good souls and good will are welcome. The objective of a bike patrol like that of the 7 Laux is to unite practitioners around the maintenance and structure of the mountain bike domain.


  • Checking trails before opening to remove any potential obstacles
  • Maintenance of trails to ensure the trails are retraced as needed.
  • Directly advise to mountain bikers on the use of the resort.

Practical training

Be aware that to ensure the safety and maintenance of mountain bike trails, training exists to become a mountain bike patroller. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Respond to an accident and help the rescue organization
  • Welcome and inform the public
  • Secure and maintain mountain bike facilities
  • Help the Mountain Bike Site Planners