7-laux-airboard-activite-neigeAmateur des 7 Laux devalant la piste enneigée en Airboard
©Descente en airboard sur les pistes des 7 Laux |Coeur de Belledonne


Prapoutel - Le Pleynet

Suppose you rediscover the feeling of descending a snow-covered slope? While some people prefer to go out on the slopes, others will prefer a return to calm and discovery by testing new sliding sensations. Explorers and those who are passionate about new discoveries: this activity is for you! Ride, enjoy, have fun, no words are strong enough to describe what an Airboard descent is all about.


a new gliding sensations

The end of the day is fast approaching in the 7 Laux, skiers are gradually starting to pack up. That’s when an activity takes over: the descent of the slopes of 7 Laux on an inflatable sledge at high speed. A sensational activity that will please to the most fond of snow sport and which is a real escape for a moment.

Airboarding, thrills at high speed

The airboard at Les 7 Laux is the guarantee of new sensations! Once you lie down on this inflatable sledge, level with the slopes, you become one with them. You feel the cold and the snow which lashes your face, the speed which increases through the meters, the adrenaline which rises in you.


In complete safety, you juggle between speed and thrills, and sometimes the track seems short as you are fully immersed in your activity. With your hands clinging to your inflatable sledge, you feel that the bottom of Prapoutel or Pleynet is getting closer. Airboarding on the freshly snowed slopes of the7 Laux will give you only one desire: start over and over again,as the glide and speed sensations seem pleasant.


After a well-paced day of skiing, when most of the skiers are returning home, the airboard is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the last moments so precious at Les 7 Laux. An activity that shakes up the ordinary, accessible to all!



How does this work?

Airboard at 7 Laux

The 7 Laux resort has always been renowned for being a land of thrills, discoveries, but above all, shared pleasures. The airboard is fully in line with this spirit invoked by the resort and fully reflects its values. Do you want to take the plunge and hit the slopes at full speed, all in a secure environment? Nothing could be simpler! From the Pleynet side, it is with Jochen Bogghero that you will be able to discover the art of handling your inflatable sledge. At the top of the slopes, it’s an inflating session before setting off headlong on your sled. Once ready? Run down!


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