Prapoutel - Le Pleynet

How about rediscovering the thrill of descending a snow-covered slope? While some people prefer to hit the slopes with all guns blazing, others prefer to take it easy and try out new sliding sensations. Explorers and those with a passion for new discoveries: this is the activity for you! No words are strong enough to describe what it’s like to ride an Airboard.


a new sliding sensation

The end of the day is fast approaching at Les 7 Laux, and skiers are gradually starting to pack up. That’s when a new activity takes over: a high-speed descent of the 7 Laux slopes on an inflatable toboggan. It’s a sensational activity that’s sure to please even the most avid skiers and snowboarders, providing a real escape for a moment.

Airboarding, sensations at top speed

Airboarding at Les 7 Laux is guaranteed to give you a whole new range of sensations! Once you’re stretched out on this inflatable sled, flush with the slopes, you become one with them. You feel the cold and the snow whipping at your face, the speed increasing with every passing meter, adrenaline pumping inside you.

In complete safety, you juggle speed and thrills, and sometimes the slope seems so short that you’re fully immersed in your activity. With your hands firmly attached to your inflatable sled, you can feel the bottom of Prapoutel or Le Pleynet fast approaching. Airboarding on the freshly snow-covered slopes of Les 7 Laux will make you want to do it all over again, so much so that you’ll enjoy the sensation of gliding and speed.

After a busy day’s skiing, when most skiers are heading home, airboarding is the perfect way to enjoy those last precious moments at Les 7 Laux. An activity that shakes up the ordinary, accessible to all!

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Airboarding in Les 7 Laux

The 7 Laux ski resort has always been renowned as a land of thrills, discoveries and, above all, shared pleasures. Airboarding is totally in keeping with this spirit, and fully reflects the resort’s values. Want to take the plunge and hit the slopes at top speed, all in a safe environment? Nothing could be simpler! On the Pleynet side, it’s with Jochen Bogghero that you can discover the art of handling your inflatable toboggan. At the top of the slopes, it’s time for an inflation session before launching headlong onto your sled. Once you’re ready? Go for it!

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