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Ski touring

Allowing to go to the meeting of the mountain in its most natural version, the ski touring is also practiced in Les 7 Laux. It offers a feeling of freedom and great fullness in the discovery of the most fantastic landscapes.





Get away

Far away from the lifts

Routes for cross-country skiing

As the practice of cross-country skiing is regulated in the 7 Laux resort, it is possible to take precise routes outside of the hours of operation of the slopes. Thus, from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the descent and ascent are made by the black Bédina hills on the Prapoutel side and the red runs of Clapierre and the Lac.


Other itineraries are possible to please everyone and to offer a few different sources of pleasure. Among these, we know of course the summit of the Belle Étoile which is a very popular race in the practice of cross-country skiing.

Thanks to the ski hiking package you can ride in the morning from Prapoutel to the Pouta pass and at the end of the day, get on the return route towards the Pleynet on the Pincerie chairlift.

For those who already have a more advanced technical level, the routes of the Cabottes or the Dent du Pra will also represent a very pleasant route. It is possible to reach the Pic des Cabottes after having covered 800 meters of vertical drop.

A physical sport

If you’ve ever practiced some freeride skiing, especially downhill and have a good level of skiing expertise, you can try cross-country skiing. Very physical, because the climb is not done with ski lifts, the cross-country skiing allows you to feel strong emotions.

An initiation with instructors

A very good approach in the practice of cross-country skiing will be to take some courses with a monitor for the practice of freeride skiing. Making curves in ungroomed snow, attempting descents in powder snow will not be useless before you start skiing. Individual lessons to bring back your legs by an intensive freeride course to allow enjoying the staked and secure slopes while asserting themselves in the practice of cross-country skiing. The latter always requires the utmost caution and respects safety guidelines, even for the most experienced skiers.



In front of the mountain, staying humble is the greatest wisdom. Namely, make a weather update, leave your itinerary to someone, check the avalanche risk, leave with an ARB (avalanche rescue beacon).