How to get to 7 Laux

How to get to 7 Laux

You have booked your next stay in the mountains to enjoy the magnificent 7 Laux domain. Here is some practical information to come to the 7 Laux.



The 7 Laux resort is located in the Belledonne massif, 35 kilometers from Grenoble. The sites of Prapoutel, Pleynet or Pipay which make up the 7 Laux domain are accessible by road after having also taken other means of transport.



How to get to

7 Laux

Come to the 7 Laux by car

The 7 Laux are easily accessible by car from the freeways linking Grenoble and Chambéry-Geneva.

You can therefore take the freeways A41, A43 with an exit at “Goncelin-Le Touvet” or “Brignoud” depending on your arrival site (Prapoutel or le Pleynet).

  • Paris – les 7 Laux : 598 km
  • Montpellier – les 7 Laux : 329 km
  • Strasbourg – les 7 laux : 535 km

Caution : In winter, don’t forget the special equipment to reach the resort of 7 Laux




Come to the 7 laux by train

Ideally located in the Belledone’s massif, the closest TGV station which allows to come at 7 laux is the station of Grenoble (35 km). It’s possible to take thoses following ride :

  • Paris – Grenoble (3h by TGV)
  • Lille – Grenoble (4h25)
  • Nantes- Grenoble (5h30)

From the Grenoble’s station all you have to do next it’s to take the bus to join the 7 Laux resort or order a taxi.


Come to the 7 Laux by plane

Many airports allow to come to the 7 laux by plane first, then by public transportation, by renting a car or by ordering a taxi.

  • Airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry (around 2 hours since les 7 Laux)
  • Airport of Grenoble Saint-Geoirs (around 1h30)
  • Airport of Chambéry (around 1 hour)

Come to the 7 Laux by public transportation

  • Grenoble-Prapoutel in winter :  1 h (38 km)
  • Grenoble – Le Pleynet (via Allevard) in winter : 1h30 (50 km)
  • In winter, Skibus since the valley of Gresivaudant Crolles – Prapoutel, Goncelin – Prapoutel, Lancey-Prapoutel & Allevard – Le Pleynet :

The day « all-inclusive : bus + skipass » at the 7 Laux :
From Grenoble :
From Chambéry :

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