es 7 Laux Montagnes Alpes 07
©Pierre Marchionni

Freeride skiing

Do you like to ski untouched, trackless slopes, sure of snow shaped only by nature and the wind? At Les 7 Laux you’ll be delighted. With one of the largest freeride ski areas in the Grenoble region, Les 7 Laux offers snow lovers the chance to ski in complete safety.

A real


Several secure sectors

The strength of Les 7 Laux lies in the fact that it offers freeride skiers several areas of marked, secure, but ungroomed pistes, allowing them to indulge in off-piste fun.

The Combe de Bédina, the Combe des Oudis and the Pipay area offer many wonderful places to make a few turns in the powder. Beware of places with less snow, as a few pebbles may tickle your spatulas.

On the Pleynet side, the vallons du Pra are sure to be a hit with freeride specialists. This area, which runs alongside the black run, is surely one of the most fabulous in the whole resort, offering sumptuous views over Belledonne and the Haut Bréda valley.

In the Prapoutel version, freeride is practised in the combe de Bédina and a number of couloirs which, thanks to renowned freerider Denis Rey, are the preferred routes of freeriders.

Initiations for greater safety

There’s no better way to learn about freeriding and its techniques, and then to be able to take the plunge in complete freedom and safety. By approaching ski schools, you can not only take lessons with instructors, but also learn the techniques of off-piste skiing. Safety rules, how to get out of ungroomed snow – these are just some of the tips provided by mountain professionals, and are essential for good freeride practice.

Of course, even if these areas are secure, they should only be used when conditions are suitable. A net blocking the passage indicates that it is absolutely forbidden to enter.


The dangers of freeriding are many and accidents are frequent. Be very careful!