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Snowpark 7 Laux

Le Pleynet
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The 7 Laux ski area is renowned among Grenoble skiers and freestylers in particular for its snowpark, which extends over 8 hectares from Le Pleynet and is accessible by the Sun lift. The 7 Laux Snowpark is divided into 4 zones, each with a different level of difficulty.

Les 7 Laux Snowpark

The Snowpark des 7 Laux has plenty of surprises and facilities in store for snow sports enthusiasts.

Les 7 Laux has thought of all skiers, including freestylers, who will find the Snowpark des 7 Laux located at 1900m. You can take the Soleil lift to enjoy several lines of different levels laid out along the lift.

A green XS line with a multitude of whoops, small tables and small boxes for a gentle introduction to freestyle.

A blue S line with higher-level boxes and tables.

A red M line that starts on the ridge as a variation to connect to the bottom of the TK du Soleil with street rail, tubes, box, curves, table, hip, spin!

A black L table and a shred line will be available by February.

There’s also a 3km boardercross for all ages, so there’s something for everyone!
These facilities on the different courses are perfect for progressing and having fun in the snowpark.

It’s a real playground where you can progress at your own pace!

A Snow Park for everyone in Isère

The park’s courses are enhanced by a range of new modules, from very easy for novices to courses for experts.

Not forgetting boarder cross: banked turns, bumps and woops, guaranteed thrills!

As you can see, the Snow Park des 7 Laux in Isère is a great reason to overcome your fears, play the adventurous card and make lots of good memories with modules designed for everyone.

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