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Ski touring

Ski touring is also practiced at Les 7 Laux, where you can experience the mountains in their most natural form. It offers a feeling of freedom and fulfillment as you discover the most fantastic landscapes.


off the beaten track

Routes for ski touring

There are a number of itineraries to suit everyone and offer a few different sources of pleasure. These include, of course, the Belle Etoile summit, a popular ski touring route.

With a ski touring pass, you can climb from Prapoutel to the Col de la Pouta in the morning, and at the end of the day join the return route to Le Pleynet on the Pincerie chairlift.

For those with a more advanced level of technique, the Cabottes or Dent du Pra routes are also very enjoyable. The Pic des Cabottes can be reached after 800 meters of ascent.

A physical sport

If you’ve already done some freeride skiing, especially downhill, and have a good level of skiing ability, you can try your hand at ski touring. It’s a very physical sport, since you don’t have to use ski lifts to get up to the top.

An introduction with instructors

The best way to get started with ski touring is to take a few lessons with a freeride ski instructor. Curves in ungroomed snow and descents in powdery snow are a good way to get the hang of ski touring. Individual lessons for a refresher course or intensive freeride courses allow you to take advantage of safe, marked trails just long enough to assert yourself in ski touring. Even the most seasoned skiers need to be extremely careful and follow safety instructions.


In the face of the mountains, remaining humble is the greatest wisdom. In other words, check the weather, leave your itinerary to someone else, check for avalanche risk and take an avalanche transceiver with you.


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