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Paragliding over the ski area

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Feeling like a bird, realizing Icarus’ dream, observing the mountain from a completely different angle, seen from the sky – these are the promises that await you as you fly over your favorite ski area in a paraglider.

Taking flight

You’re up on the peaks or at the top of the slopes, your paraglider strapped to your back or your instructor’s, and you’re ready to launch and take off. Far below, you can see the foot of the resort. A deep breath and you’re off at full speed on your skis. Before you know it, your glider has inflated and you’re airborne.

Taking flight, leaving behind the noise of ski lifts, skis on snow, children making their first runs in the snow garden, only to hear the silence. Under your feet, the ski area seems so small, and you’re carried along by the updrafts.

360° views of the region’s peaks. Mont-Blanc and its 4,810-meter-high peak are no exception.

Let yourself be guided

A first flight in a paraglider is a moment of sharing with your instructor. After a briefing reserved for safety information, you’ll find yourself settled into a basket.

As soon as you’ve taken a breath, he’ll have already pushed you up the slopes of the ski area. Since you won’t have to worry about guiding your glider, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the fabulous spectacle unfolding before your eyes during the 15-20 minute flight. The view is breathtaking. You can feel the fresh wind whipping at your face.

And then, after you’ve had your fill of the view, it’s time to come back down. It’s all very smooth sailing. If you’re on skis, you’ll land gently on the snowy slope. Once you’ve recovered your senses, you’ll want to do it all over again as soon as possible.

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